Siemens S5 to S7 Migration

LHR Terminal 4 Check-In Desk Migration Project Background The objective of this project was to Safeguard the check-in and associated baggage handling system at T4 to enable the major phasing works required for the HBS upgrade in order to achieve the DfT date by providing HAL with a solid, stable

Food and Beverage Success Story

Food and Beverage Case Study Project Background A food processing plant with limited space on its existing plant needed to find a way of increasing productivity while staying within the existing system footprint. Using modern sugar feed delivery techniques, improved product mixing, canning, and lidding machines integrated with the existing

Materials Handling Case Study

Materials Handling Case Study Material Handling Systems (MHS), Logistics and Intralogistics Material Handling, Logistics and Intralogistics projects represent complex real-world Socio-Technical Systems (STS). Dealing with these projects at any level isn’t simply a matter of mastering the set of technologies involved. To be successful on such projects, organisations need to