Material Handling Systems (MHS) provide intralogistics solutions for conveying, loading, packaging, sortation and distribution of raw materials or complete products. The goal of a good MHS is to optimise the business performance through industrial automation integrating software and hardware technologies. MHS are used in many industries and markets, including postal and parcel automation, clothing retailers, manufacturing, food and beverage, groceries, healthcare , wholesalers and third-party logistics

In the modern producer/consumer landscape. Material Handling Systems are becoming increasingly complex. The challenge for an MHS integrator is to provide high-performance, modular, flexible and scalable solutions which improve the process of receiving, utilising and dispatching goods and materials in a manner that provides the most value to a business.

AAC can provide the experience and expertise to meet those challenges, across all aspects of automation. Our teams provide expertise from the lowest level of the physical equipment right up to the highest level of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

We have extensive project experience with conveyable and non-conveyable products, tray systems, letters, flats and parcel sortation, robotics, high speed sorters, high level controls software, monorial and security screening installation, commissioning and integration as well as custom monitoring and disagnostic systems.

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