System Migration

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges industrial and manufacturing managers face today. Constant technological change often weakens the business value of legacy systems, which have been developed over the years through huge investments. Managers struggle with the problem of modernizing these systems whilst keeping their functionality intact. We can eliminate these problems by migrating you to the most current up to date technologies.

AAC is experienced in migrating from legacy to more robust and efficient modern systems in live environments and within strict operating windows. Migration can be undertaken as a stand-alone activity or during other works as an opportunity to pre-empt future problems.

We can migrate any and all of the below;

  • PLC code, hardware and comms networks (all associated electrical and control panel design and installation)
  • SCADA (application, configuration, hardware and networking)
  • Database (including bespoke interfaces)
  • CCTV (hardware, application, installation and interfaces)

We recognise that timely completion and minimal disruption are essential to your business so we adopt a flexible approach to development, testing and commissioning. We test all functionality within a dedicated stand-alone test environment before any changes are made in the live environment. You (and / or your client) are welcome to attend and witness results and progress as you wish.

Through system migration AAC can bring improved productivity, efficiency, resilience, maintainability and reduced costs.

We offer a no obligation, free initial project analysis.

AAC is founded on collaboration and openness – these are key to our relationship with you our client, and therefore to our success.