In a multi-regulator industry where an owner’s sites are commonly remote, geographically widespread and sometimes staffed part-time it is easy to understand why reliable operation and the provision of up-to-date, reliable information are key requirements. Many existing sites are monitored locally (usually via panel indication or HMI) and to a lesser degree remotely via telemetry (e.g. often for intruder detection), however there is so much more you can know.

AAC can help in several ways, for example;

  • adding control, monitoring and reporting (local or remote) to an existing installation
  • upgrading the control software and hardware of an existing system
  • specify, design, build, test and deploy robust control systems with or without monitoring and reporting (local or remote)
  • decommissioning of old or defunct systems

The AAC team has a wealth of experience across most aspects of Clean and Wastewater control systems, largely concerned with providing visibility of operations either site-wide or across sites. Using wired and wireless connections locally we can provide the control and monitoring either on-site or elsewhere (via WAN or web) to let you schedule deliveries and attendance and record, trend and analyse the critical information from your site(s). You can see the exact status and performance in terms of consumption and make changes to improve these.

We offer a no obligation, free initial project analysis.

At AAC we offer our own OmniSCADA package and a universally compatible Real-time dashboard. We are a Certified Alliance System Integrator of Schneider Electric and a Solutions Partner of Siemens. We are also experienced in working with other major integrators across multiple industries and technologies. We can find the best solution for you.

AAC is founded on collaboration and openness – these are key to our relationship with you our client, and therefore to our success.