FactoryLink Migration

Siemens AG announced the end of life for FactoryLink in 2007 and although support continued until 2012, getting any help or support for FactoryLink now is very difficult.

AAC have been working with and supporting FactoryLink since 2005, and continue to provide application changes and updates as customers require them.

As a specialist AAC are also well placed to provide migration services to take the legacy SCADA applications to a new modern SCADA platform.

As both a Schneider and Siemens Solution partner we are not tied to a single product, we can advise you as to which product best suits your needs or conform to your standards.

If you have a FactoryLink Project that you wish to migrate to a new solution please email us with a request.


We know that keeping your plant running and safeguarding your operation is your key concern. As such we keep the migration process as simple as possible so we can safeguard your operation as quickly as possible

  1. Free, no obligation analysis
  2. Discussion about your needs and requirements so we can understand your need for replacement
  3. On instruction to proceed we will migrate the application to the new platform using tools and techniques developed over many years and projects. We will keep you informed and updated throughout this process
  4. The new application is fully tested at our factory and you are invited to witness that testing to ensure you are happy with the work carried out
  5. When we come to site to install, we work with your staff to ensure the system is fully operational as expected and your staff are familiar with the operation.
  6. Once fully operational we can discuss enhancements or new features that you might like to take advantage of since you have a new SCADA application.

You’ll see that we don’t discuss new features or enhancements until the replacement SCADA is in place – we understand your key driver is to safeguard your operation and do that as quickly as possible. To start to discuss new features or enhancements before you have even seen your new SCADA can just lead to unnecessary delay and cost.


There never seems to be a right time to upgrade your SCADA system but if your SCADA system is starting to show its age then the sooner the better is probably the right answer when you weigh up the benefits: 

  • Inevitable step change increase in performance due to modern computing power
  • Use of modern HMI practices means your operators can work more efficiently
  • Better integration with other systems – in line with industry 4.0 practices and process
  • Improved availability and uptime – we know maintaining old hardware and systems is difficult as sourcing parts gets harder and harder.

We can replace the SCADA system in parallel with your existing system so it mitigates the risk. And we will support you through every step of the process. 


You will see that when we talk about migration we talk a lot about analysis of your current application. That is because we don’t have (or want) a tool that just does a copy and paste of your current application into your new SCADA. Why?

  • Its all about “cruft”, that stuff that builds up over time and through changes and updates. Cruft includes systems functions you no longer use, preferences you don’t really remember setting, bits and pieces scattered around your system that accumulate with use that you don’t really want or need in your new system.
  • Update a tired implementation. Modern graphics, and visualisation, has come a long way since FactoryLink. This is an opportunity to tidy up the old pages and apply new visualisation techniques that will enhance your operators experience and system perception
  • Correcting known issues. There may be known defects with your current system, or just niggles about the way it works. Now is the opportunity to sort them out.

Through the whole process we work closely with you to ensure you get the solution you want.


With so many choices with regard to which SCADA system to migrate to the options can be confusing. As part of our free initial analysis we can advise you on the options plus the pros and cons of each based on your specific application.

We only work with leading SCADA systems so you know that in the future there will be support. We also don’t insist you buy from us, you can purchase direct from the supplier. This includes training and support, we are there to help you with your migration project, not to build future reliance on us and therefore generate business.


  • Proven Team. Our teams have been working on key SCADA systems for many years and have successfully delivered many projects
  • Lowest risk. Our proven tools and techniques have provided migration support for many customers
  • Transparency. We keep you involved through every step of the process.
  • Ownership transfer. We do not hold back key information or system function so you have to keep coming back to AAC for future changes or enhancements. The SCADA system is handed over completely and whilst we would like this to be the start of a long relationship you are free to maintain the system yourself or with others as you wish.

We offer a no obligation, free initial project analysis.