AAC recently became an enterprise partner with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). The new President, Dr Peter Bonfield OBE, will use his year-long term of office to champion the professionalism of engineers and technicians in a bid to improve skills, ethics and competency across the engineering and technology sector. To ensure this, Peter has kick-started his year as IET President by launching a concordat to help organisations show their commitment to valuing engineers and ethical practices. AAC were one of the first signatories, a total of 53 engineering and technology companies have now pledged their support and signed up to the concordat, including BAE Systems, BT, Mott MacDonald Limited, Network Rail and Schneider Electric UK.

Like Peter, we (to quote him) ?feel very passionate about the role that engineering, technology and science can have in transforming lives and in protecting society through collaboration, teamwork, innovation and creativity ? and engineers and technicians are integral to this, having made major contributions to making people safe.? And like him, we have also seen instances where things have gone wrong, so we need to make sure we are competent, and the competence maintained, so we can be trusted to do the right thing. We?ve got to make sure our engineers and technicians are properly valued.

As part of the enterprise partnership, and as a sign of our continued commitment to the IET, we have commenced getting a number of our engineers accredited through the IET program, which will then allow us to produce structured training to further their knowledge and experience.

Technical Director – Ranjit Chagar
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