AAC has recently partnered with Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security Artificial Intelligence (AI), which defends mission-critical assets from sophisticated cyber threats targeting OT and converged IT/OT environments, including zero-days, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats.

We recognise that many of the systems use specialised protocols, nonstandard ports and have other unique requirements, such as being reliance on operational technology and industrial control systems which may be in remote or inhospitable locations – making it even harder to deploy the necessary security measures.

Leveraging Self-Learning AI and machine learning, Darktrace learns the normal ‘patterns of life’ for the organisation – including its operators, devices, and the overall ecosystem – and identifies subtle deviations indicative of cyber threats within seconds. 

We recognise the importance of having a comprehensive cyber security solution in place, especially now when critical infrastructure organizations have come under increased pressure amidst global geopolitical tensions, where the potential impact of an outage, even from a single distributor, have skyrocketed.

If you have concerns about how secure your systems are, or would like to discuss how the next generation of smart protection could help you, then please contact henry.b@aac-ltd.com.