It’s Mirror, Signal, Manoeuver Airside for Matt!

Matt Whitehorn become the latest member of the AAC to pass the airside driving test. The training took place in the building opposite the T5 holiday inn and was, according to Matt, very straight forward. The training consists of a medical followed by 3 to 4 hours learning the rules of the road in LHR. This is followed by a tour around the airport, in order to teach correct airside driving technique. There is a test at the end, which involves hazard perception and a 30 question, multiple choice, test. “I passed the ADP, so I can drive to site when I am working nights. The ADP license I now have enables me to drive around the airside roads, uncontrolled crossings and the road tunnels. Unfortunately not the taxiways or runways!” – Matt Whitehorn

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