AAC in Vietnamese Trade Delegation

AAC sent a delegation to Vietnam as part of the UK Department of Trade and Industry Aviation Mission. The purpose was to understand what the markets are doing in Asia and how AAC could participate in these emerging markets. The DTI had arranged a bilateral dialogue with the Minister of Transport and the Airport operators in both Indonesia and Vietnam. The Meetings were a real success with introductions at the highest level in both countries. There is clearly a lot of work to do and our R&D program should benefit from these opportunities in the future. It was apparent that the need for high quality solutions and debottlenecking of the BHS systems was the hot topic. Indonesia has 695 airports and has a massive expansion program. This is supported by a stable government and strong inward investment. Vietnam has 26 Airports and plans to spend a further 16Bn USD on a new development in the south. We were lucky enough to meet with the Vice president for development in ACV the State owned Airport Operator in Vietnam.

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