AAC at the Southampton University careers fair

AAC were in attendance at the Southampton University careers fair this month and with 1500 students in attendance it was an excellent opportunity to showcase our commitment to both innovation and the engineering talent of tomorrow. As it was in the previous year we were amongst some fairly illustrious company in the type and size of business that were exhibiting at the event such as Dell, IBM, Visa and Bloomberg.

“Mike, First of all a sincere thanks to you and AAC for your attendance and enthusiastic participation at last Thursday’s Engineering and Technology Fair, run by the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering. I really hope you enjoyed the day and that it enabled you to meet the quality of students you are looking to employ in your organizations. I was actually very proud of the fantastic line-up of companies attending this event and very pleased for our students that they had such a great opportunity to meet such impressive and high-quality employers!!” – Joyce Lewis, Senior Fellow, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Southampton University.

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