AAC Sponsor Business Awards

AAC were proud to be one of the main sponsors at the East Yorkshire Business Awards recently. Stuart and Joanna Brown hosted a table for the Bridlington Club for Young People, a local charity that has been supported by AAC Ltd for a number of years. “We all have a social responsibility , its important to do something that positively impacts the communities that we live in, Its always been a part of our mindset at AAC” – Stuart Brown MD

The special guest for the evening was the Bridllington CYP boxer Emily Asquith who had recently returned from the European Championships in Russia in which she won Gold in the female 80kg catagory. “we are all incredibly proud of Emily’s achievements” said Andy potts the Bridlington CYP Chairman, “her achievements are a testament to her hard work and dedication and its with the support of businesses like AAC that we are able to continue providing sporting opportunities for all”

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